A place for men to be their best

Momentum is a community where men can share life experiences, learn from each other, develop new friendships, have fun as a group, and support one another in times of need. A non-profit organization started in 1991 (under the name Nation of Men), Momentum has chapters in Northern California's Silicon Valley and East Bay areas.

What Will I Find at Momentum?

Momentum is a place where you can share experiences with other men in a non-judgmental environment.

It is a place where you will find men who care.

It is a place where you can openly explore areas of your character in a way that otherwise seldom occurs.

It is a place where you can confidentially discuss personal topics and know that “what is said here stays here.”

It is a place where you can see a mirror of yourself in the eyes of men who will speak the truth to you.

It is a place where you can socialize and develop new relationships with men.

It is a place where you can have fun doing things like camping, white water rafting, football, hocker (a mix of hockey and soccer — we make up a lot of games), Frisbee, musical jam sessions, card playing, hiking, team building, sightseeing, movie watching ... the list goes on.

It is a place where men of all ages, race and religion are welcome.

It is a place where you can give something back to the community.

It is a place where you can be sure men will keep their word.

It is a place where status or profession is not important.

It is a place where you will be welcomed and feel at home.

It is a place where new ideas and points of view are encouraged.

It is a place where all men are equal.

It is a place where being genuine is rewarded by support and appreciation.

What Isn’t Momentum?

We are not affiliated with any religious organizations.

We are not affiliated with any political cause or party.

We are not affiliated with any charity.

We are not looking for any financial commitments (other than the annual dues, which are $80).

Men and Teams

Momentum has two central functions. First is the community, made up of all the men of Momentum. The second function of Momentum is teams. Most of our members are on teams, which are groups of 6-10 men who meet weekly. Just as each man is unique, you will find the teams are unique, with their own operating style, meetings agendas, discussion topics, team objectives, and individual goals. The teams are about men. Their purpose is to provide a comfortable yet truthful environment in which men explore their life experiences and gain many points of view from their teammates. Some teams look to have fun, sharing common experiences like travel, movies, education, and team events. Other teams focus on personal development, such as setting individual goals, in which the team supports the man so he achieves his goals.

Experiencing Teams

Unique team dynamics is one of the great things about Momentum. To help new men get exposure to different teams, we created a program that allows new men to experience several teams.

The new man rotates from team to team over the first few months so that he may experience the different styles and get to know many of the men in the organization. After this rotation period, men generally feel very comfortable joining the team that fits them best.

Experience a team immediately through a team visit or the team rotation program: Contact us.

Momentum and You

Momentum is not for everyone. The question is: Is it for you?

Ask yourself: Is this something I need or want? Do I want to experience more male relationships in my life? What can I get out of an organization of men who care? Men who are committed to making each other better men? What can I contribute to other men?

No one can answer this but you. But if you don’t check us out, you will never know.


  • Experience a team immediately. Our "team rotation program" places men on a team each month, until they find a team to join or we form a new team composed of new members. Or, you can visit a team. To do either of these Contact us.
  • Attend our monthly meeting. Momentum meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month, rain or shine, almost always at Bramhall Park, in San Jose from 8-10 AM (call or e-mail ahead to confirm). Details and Map.
  • Contact us for information on meetings of the other chapters.
  • Join Momentum.

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