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In Momentum, men are empowered to be effective leaders so they can make a bigger difference in their lives, their community and the world. See the Legacy of Leadership page where some of our former Chief's share about Momentum's leadership.

Our Members Describe Momentum

What is Momentum?

We often find Momentum a bit hard to describe, largely because it is different things to different people. That's why we invite you to visit our meetings and activities. There is no substitute for getting to know the men!

Some Things We Are Not

We are not a religious organization, although many of our members are religious. We are not a political or men's rights organization, although many of our members participate in these activities. We are not a gay organization, though some of our members may be gay. We are not feminized, politically correct men, though our members exhibit varying degrees of civilization.

Men and Teams

Most of the members are on teams. Although this is not a requirement, teams are our primary means for supporting individual men. We find that men are pack animals and operate far more effectively in their lives when they are part of a team. 

Teams typically have 5-8 members and meet weekly. Several of our teams have been together for many years. A team's purpose is to support men to be their best, on their own terms. Members enjoy the camaraderie of their teammates and often participate in team and Momentum  activities together. Teams are as varied as are the personalities of the men on them. Some teams are more spiritual than others, some are oriented toward activity, some are growth-oriented, etc.

New members often join an existing team or gather with other new members to form a brand new team.

A Team of Teams

Just as men benefit from being on teams, we find that teams benefit from involvement in a "team of teams." They find this in Momentum. We have many activities designed to give individuals and teams a chance to play and work together. Teams operate autonomously. Momentum does not govern the teams.

Visit a Monthly Meeting

You are invited to attend a meeting and learn more. At our monthly meetings, you'll meet many interesting men, have loads of fun, and very likely learn something about yourself and others. Momentum meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month. Details and map...

If you are in the East Bay Area, please visit the East Bay Nation of Men


We have participated in projects for Habitat for Humanity, Family Giving Tree, Second Harvest, Rebuilding Together, and many other local charities. We have fed and clothed the homeless, given blood, and built new school facilities for the village of Pescadero.


Activities are optional. Generally all men are invited (although some events are for members only). Some include women and families. The activities are as varied as the men because our activities are sponsored by teams. They usually combine fun and growth, with competition, construction, and camaraderie. 

Momentum sponsors an annual gathering in the fall which includes an opportunity for new members to be initiated into the community. Another event, usually in the spring, is held along with other Momentum chapters. The content of these events change each year but they're usually at an area campsite and feature some combination of games, camaraderie, and growth.

In addition to the regular events, monthly meetings, and community service events, we have many other activities that help us reach out to other men, other men's organizations, and to women, our families, and the community. We have held picnics, dances, and parties. We had a survival training event at Mt. Shasta. We held a Color of Fear workshop in which we explored our relationship with race and diversity. We have held initiation events for men and boys. We held a money workshop which gave men the opportunity to look at their financial health. Some of the men visited the Grand Canyon in a trip that combined small and large planes, rubber rafts, speed boats, helicopters, horseback, and a bus across Hoover Dam. We held a combination race in which cars built by men's teams raced across bogs and logs. We have played laser tag, and climbed rocks.

What You Can Expect From the Momentum

Men and boys are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings. The time and place are listed in the Events section of this web site. We encourage visitors to get to know the men and ask if you can attend a team meeting or two. This is really the best way to get to know the men and the organization.

For More Information

Your best source of information is the man who first exposed you to Momentum. Members are always glad to talk about the organization and what it means to them.

You can read more members' interpretations of what Momentum means to them.

And this is another page of members' statements about Momentum.

Momentum was formerly called the South Bay Nation of Men.

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